5 tips for Helping with the Cost of Adoption 

One of the down sides to adoption is that it can be very costly. International adoption can be $30,000-$80,000. Domestic Private adoption is between $12,000-$20,000. 

There are supports out there though, to help offset the cost. I have listed a few of those options below. 

1. Public Adoption

You can always adopt through the public system which is free. That’s right it’s totally free. Click below for more information. 

Free Adoption Option

2. Adoption Tax Credit

In Canada you can claim up to $15,255 in adoption expenses, and get some of that back in a non refundable tax credit. Click below to learn more. 

Tax credit info

3. Adoption Grants

There is also an organization called Abba Canada. They give grants to assist adoptive families. They give up to $2,500 for domestic and $3,500 for international adoption. We received a grant through Abba for our adoption. Click the link below for more info. 

Abba Canada

4. Waiting Children 

There is an adoption organization called Reese’s Rainbow, they facilitate international adoptions for Americans and Canadians. Most of the children are waiting children with Down syndrome. Reese’s Rainbow raises money for their waiting children, this can be a huge help for families who want to adopt internationally. Go to their website and try not to fall in love with these precious children. 

Visit Reese’s Rainbow Here

5. Go Fund Me

And last but not least, Your biggest help can be the people around you, who love you and want to see you adopt a child. Many people want to support adoption but aren’t in a position to adopt themselves. You can start a go Fund Me page to let your friends and family know you are adopting and they can support you in any denomination they are comfortable with. This is also a great way to ask for prayer and keep everyone updated on your adoption journey. 

Start a Go Fund Me page

I hope some of these suggestions give you a little hope for overcoming the huge cost of adoption. 

As always if you have any suggestions to add, please don’t hesitate to comment or share! 

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