Ellis’ Adoption Story

Well we have been on a bit of a whirlwind this month. Let me tell you about it! 

All the month of May we received adoption opportunities from our agency. With each one the due date was sooner and sooner. Then on June 5th it was about 10pm and my phone vibrated. I thought to myself, I wonder if that is beginnings because they always email opportunities at 10pm. I checked my email and sure enough it was. They were looking for families for a little baby boy born June 2. I told Brandon and we read through the information together. We decided we would like to be presented to this birth mom. We decided to keep this quiet with friends and family because we just had someone look at our profile and not choose us like 3 days before. 
Remember my post about being anxious? Well I was incredibly anxious for the 4 days between finding out about this little guy and hearing if we were chosen. It was so hard because we knew he was out there in the world. In the nicu and we couldn’t be with him, he could be ours and we couldn’t be with him. 
On Thursday the day they were presenting our profile, my phone rang at 12:30. It was the agency director. We were chosen! The birth parents loved us and loved our book and loved that their baby would have a sister who was also adopted. I couldn’t believe it. There I was crying in the costco freezer aisle. The cashier was the first to know! I went to find Brandon at work and told him the news. 
We were going to meet the birth parents and the baby boy on Tuesday morning. We had to wait the whole weekend but knowing now that he was ours, I felt peace about it. I had to trust that when God wanted us with him we would be. He protected him up to this point and he would continue to do so. I realized that Ellis was Gods child before he was mine. 
We met the birth parents and everything went great. They are so sweet. Then we all went to the hospital and they introduced us to him. This sweet tiny little baby boy, his birth mom picked him up and placed him in my arms. We all visited together for awhile and then everyone left except Brandon and I. We had a beautiful afternoon getting to know our new son. Brandon then went to get Ruby to meet him. 

It was so hard to leave him at the end of that day. I planned to come back the next day and they let me stay 2 nights in the hospital with him and have him in my room. 
Then on the Friday everyone arrived (birth parents, birth Nana, agency director, hospital social worker, birth parent counsellor, us and the foster parents) we had an entrustment ceremony which was so special. The agency director said something about every person there and honoured them for their role in this adoption. A blessing was read for Ellis and we read through a promise to keep our relationship open for the benefit of Ellis. 

Ellis had to go home with the foster family because our paper work hadn’t gone into the ministry for approval yet. We got to visit him and talk with them and after one week we got approval to bring him home. 
It so incredible how fast things can change with adoption. When we signed up with the agency in April they told us that they were closing their list because they had too many families and not that many adoptions happening. The lady on the phone told me that can change anytime though. And boy did it. 
In May we had 4 different opportunities. At the beginning of June we didn’t know about Ellis and now at the end of June we have a four week old baby boy. God is so good. We are so grateful for this perfect little guy. 
This adoption took us by surprise. We were not expecting this to happen so soon and from the start this adoption has felt so easy. Which is strange to us. Easy is not what we are use to when it comes to building our family. Honestly I’m speechless. I hope Ellis’s adoption encourages you. Many adoption scenarios are very hard. A lot of them fall through. But some of them, are easy. We don’t take this for granted. We love this little man and his birth parents. When I have processed all of this I’m sure I will have more to say. 

For now I’ll leave you with this verse. Which is just so true for me right now. 

“He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the LORD.”

‭‭Psalm‬ ‭113:9‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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