Hope for the Holidays: Day 1 We hoped for a baby, and we got so much more

I went to the mail yesterday and there was this beautiful Christmas card from our daughters birth Nana (birth mothers, mother). Inside was a bunch of Thai Baht. We are headed to Thailand on vacation this week, and she later told me that they wanted to send us off with a little extra. She is so sweet and thoughtful.

Every holiday or special ocassion in our family, I can expect a beautiful card, some sort of gift, (often a gift card telling Ruby to take us out for dinner or coffee) And corresponding confetti. I’ve learned to stop opening them in my car, but I still smile when it goes everywhere.

I can’t help but remember when we started the adoption process, that open adoption scared us. I elaborate on that in my post she’s only ours because of them so I won’t go on and on ­čśë but we barely wanted birth parents in our lives let alone birth grandparents. Now we feel different. We are grateful to have them in our lives and in Ruby’s life. They love her so much and we love them. We hoped for a baby and we got so much more. We see them a couple of times a year, last year they all visited us on a camping trip and enjoyed Their granddaughter in that environment. We are learning that adoption isn’t just about us getting the baby we desired. It’s about so much more. A bigger picture that is ever evolving. And we get to watch our precious little girl at the centre of it, lighting up everyone’s lives along the way.

We are continually blessed by Ruby’s birth family, and I believe that God weaved our lives together for a reason. We were hoping and praying for a baby, and he knew all along what he was doing. I pray that if this is where you are at right now, know that he has a plan. He hasn’t forgotten about you.

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