Whatever is for you, won’t pass you. 

I heard this Irish proverb from a lovely and respected Irish lady that I know. She said it at a bridal shower about a couple that had dated long ago and then rekindled their romance and got married. It really stuck with me. 

We found out last Saturday about an adoption opportunity which we said yes we would like our profile book shown to the birth mom. This birth mom’s due date was the following Monday! That’s insane! 1week! This got our minds going a little crazy. If we were chosen I would have to stop working, our plans for the next few months would all be out the window. We would have to scrape together thousands of dollars some how. Plus emotionally preparing ourselves to welcome another child and birth parents into our lives. But we wanted it and we were very excited about it. 

They presented the birth mother with families yesterday, so we prayed, and we waited and then later in the evening they let us know that we were not chosen. We are pretty used to that response because we are more used to getting no for an answer. We have heard no many times and yes only one time. One perfect time that brought us Ruby and made us parents, a family.  I have to say it’s easier this time to hear the answer no. Now that we are parents.  We know how incredibly blessed we are to have 1 child and we also trust God. He brought her to us and he designed our family with each unique personality for a reason. Our next child will be exactly who he planned to be with us all along. 
We were getting very excited that this might be our baby, but it wasn’t. And the amazing thing is, someone else’s dream of becoming a family is coming true right now. We know that when it is our baby, God will bring it to us. There’s no stopping him. 

Whatever is for us won’t pass us. 

This is adoption. It’s such a roller coaster. Our hearts have to be in a place where we could welcome a new child at any moment and also be prepared to not be chosen and nothing changes. So until next time, we wait, and we pray. 

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