Ellis’ Adoption Story

Well we have been on a bit of a whirlwind this month. Let me tell you about it!  All the month of May we received adoption opportunities from our agency. With each one the due date was sooner and sooner. Then on June 5th it was about 10pm and my phone vibrated. I thought to […]

Monthly Resource Recommendation 

This month I wanted to share and honour Beginnings Family Services. We are currently adopting our son through this agency and so far the whole experience has been great. We feel that they are very diligent and caring for birth parents and always helpful to us as well.  Beginnings does crisis pregnancy counselling, adoption and […]

3 Types of Adoption – Choosing an Agency

I’ve had a few requests for information on the adoption process. So I thought I would make a little video series breaking down the 3 types of adoption. The links are below.  Private Domestic Adoption Domestic Public Adoption International Adoption Comment below if you have any questions. 

Whatever is for you, won’t pass you. 

I heard this Irish proverb from a lovely and respected Irish lady that I know. She said it at a bridal shower about a couple that had dated long ago and then rekindled their romance and got married. It really stuck with me.  We found out last Saturday about an adoption opportunity which we said […]

Mother’s Day

Mothers Day has so many different emotions for me. I celebrate that I am so blessed to be a mom to my beautiful daughter Ruby.  I celebrate that I was raised by an amazing selfless and caring mother. She was always there for us, so sweet and loving. I wish I could be just like […]

This is My Infertility • Day 3

Last but not least we are featuring Melanie’s family today. Do you remember our prayer request a few months back? Well baby boy was adopted and is right where he belongs! This family had a long wait for this precious little guy.  Sharing these photos this week shows just how unique each situation is. I […]

This is My Infertility • Day 2

This week is National infertility awareness week. I have asked for some submissions of photos and verses from people who have gone through this valley of infertility and come out on the other side, with beautiful families.  Today we are featuring Jenn’s family. We will be sharing her full story soon!  I wanted to encourage […]

March Resource Recommendation

This month I am sharing info about a conference coming up in May. I really wanted to go this year but it’s a little far for us at the moment (California). But it looks like an amazing weekend full of supportive community. If you need a getaway and some food for your heart and soul […]

Monthly Resource Recommendation 

Resolve is an amazing resource for anyone facing the challenges of building a family. There is a tonne of information on adoption, fertility treatment, news on infertility stats and tax credits for expenses etc etc etc.  Resolve is the U.S. National infertility association. Visit Resolve Here.  Follow them on Instagram @resolveorg Check it out, and […]

Hope for the Holidays: Day 1 We hoped for a baby, and we got so much more

I went to the mail yesterday and there was this beautiful Christmas card from our daughters birth Nana (birth mothers, mother). Inside was a bunch of Thai Baht. We are headed to Thailand on vacation this week, and she later told me that they wanted to send us off with a little extra. She is […]

November Book Recommendation

It’s still November for a few more days and that means that we are still celebrating #novembernationaladoptionawarenessmonth. Whoa that’s a big one!  This months book recommendation has a lot to do with adoption, but also marriage, family, God and really really hard times.  Mary Beth Chapman tells the story of how God grew their family […]

5 tips for Helping with the Cost of Adoption 

One of the down sides to adoption is that it can be very costly. International adoption can be $30,000-$80,000. Domestic Private adoption is between $12,000-$20,000.  There are supports out there though, to help offset the cost. I have listed a few of those options below.  1. Public Adoption You can always adopt through the public […]

The Adoption Story of Sunflower Mae

Today we are sharing the adoption story of Sunflower Mae. Her parents prayed at the beginning of their adoption story for a child with Down syndrome.  This is the story of the precious little girl they brought home.  Watch her To further follow their story you can find them on Instagram @hooray4sunny If you just […]