Monthly Resource Recommendation 

This Month I am recommending “Amateur Nester”, this is a website/blog/resource page by Lisa Newton. Lisa and her husband suffer with infertility and have gone through multiple rounds of IUI’s and IVF treatments. She shares her story and her timeline. She also has a book called 31 Days of Prayer During Infertility. Her page is […]

To Attend or not to Attend? 

…….A baby shower.  That is the question for a lot of women with infertility. Where are you at with this? I have one friend who says she is happy to go and support her friends at baby showers, baby’s are a happy thing and it has nothing to do with her situation. I also have […]

The Cost of Infertility 

Are you considering fertility treatments? This is a great, realistic article about the costs of various treatments. They mention a few families and their financial, as well as emotional struggles with the cost of infertility.  Click to read  The Cost of Infertility

Monthly Resource Recommendation 

Resolve is an amazing resource for anyone facing the challenges of building a family. There is a tonne of information on adoption, fertility treatment, news on infertility stats and tax credits for expenses etc etc etc.  Resolve is the U.S. National infertility association. Visit Resolve Here.  Follow them on Instagram @resolveorg Check it out, and […]

Reference Guide to TTC Terms

I don’t know about you, but I get frustrated when I am on a blog or website and I am trying read through comments and people are using all kinds of abbreviations. I have no idea what they are talking about. I just make up in my mind what I think they are saying and […]

Hope for the Holidays: Day 6 #ttcsister

Have you heard of #ttcsisters? No it has nothing to do with the Toronto Transit Committee! But it does have everything to do with A supportive community of women all trying to conceive. It’s a huge community mostly on Instagram. Where the “sisters” share their journeys of infertility, fertility treatment and eventually pregnancy. #TTCSisters is […]

Did You Know? Pineapple can Boost Fertility!

Why Pineapple?  Pineapple has an enzyme called bromelian. Bromelian is good for pain relief, blood thinning and it’s also an anti inflammatory or natures aspirin.  What does that have to do with fertility?  The benefits of a blood thinner when trying to conceive is that it helps to drive blood to the uterus. This encourages […]

Infertility – Carrie’s Story

I  started dating my ex husband when we were 16. In our early 20’s we couldn’t even fathom having a child. It was so far beyond our priorities. I was close to graduating university when his sister got pregnant. I remember the joy her and I had as we jumped up and down in the […]