“in loss and grief there comes forms of beautiful redemption, empathy, and grace”

Going through old journals of mine, I came across this one. I wrote this journal when I was pregnant with our first baby, through the loss of that child, and through the darkness and haze of grief that followed. As I read through the pages remembering that time, I stumbled upon a page that brings […]

Monthly Resource Recommendation 

Have you seen this documentary on Netflix? I stumbled across it the other day while searching for something to watch.  It is about a fertility clinic in Las Vagas that hold a contest for a free round of IVF. It follows the finalists and their journey through Infertility and now IVF.  It’s heartbreaking to see […]

Monthly Resource Recommendation-May

This month I am recommending Fertility Matters.ca. Fertility Matters is a support group started in 1983 in Ottawa, Canada and is still going strong today providing it’s a website full of infertility resources, personal stories, statistics IVF funding information etc. 

To Those Who Wait

Thinking of all my girls still waiting. This is My prayer for you today.  “Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭27:14‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Mother’s Day

Mothers Day has so many different emotions for me. I celebrate that I am so blessed to be a mom to my beautiful daughter Ruby.  I celebrate that I was raised by an amazing selfless and caring mother. She was always there for us, so sweet and loving. I wish I could be just like […]

Monthly Resource Recommendation 

This Month I am recommending “Amateur Nester”, this is a website/blog/resource page by Lisa Newton. Lisa and her husband suffer with infertility and have gone through multiple rounds of IUI’s and IVF treatments. She shares her story and her timeline. She also has a book called 31 Days of Prayer During Infertility. Her page is […]

This is My Infertility • Day 3

Last but not least we are featuring Melanie’s family today. Do you remember our prayer request a few months back? Well baby boy was adopted and is right where he belongs! This family had a long wait for this precious little guy.  Sharing these photos this week shows just how unique each situation is. I […]

This is My Infertility • Day 2

This week is National infertility awareness week. I have asked for some submissions of photos and verses from people who have gone through this valley of infertility and come out on the other side, with beautiful families.  Today we are featuring Jenn’s family. We will be sharing her full story soon!  I wanted to encourage […]

This Is My infertility 

This week is the start of National infertility awareness week. This week we take the opportunity to shed some light on this issue that 1 in 7 suffer with.  I wanted to encourage you, that even though this season in life is extremely hard, there is hope, there is light at the end of the […]

To Attend or not to Attend? 

…….A baby shower.  That is the question for a lot of women with infertility. Where are you at with this? I have one friend who says she is happy to go and support her friends at baby showers, baby’s are a happy thing and it has nothing to do with her situation. I also have […]

March Resource Recommendation

This month I am sharing info about a conference coming up in May. I really wanted to go this year but it’s a little far for us at the moment (California). But it looks like an amazing weekend full of supportive community. If you need a getaway and some food for your heart and soul […]

The Cost of Infertility 

Are you considering fertility treatments? This is a great, realistic article about the costs of various treatments. They mention a few families and their financial, as well as emotional struggles with the cost of infertility.  Click to read  The Cost of Infertility

Monthly Resource Recommendation 

Resolve is an amazing resource for anyone facing the challenges of building a family. There is a tonne of information on adoption, fertility treatment, news on infertility stats and tax credits for expenses etc etc etc.  Resolve is the U.S. National infertility association. Visit Resolve Here.  Follow them on Instagram @resolveorg Check it out, and […]