Mother’s Day

Mothers Day has so many different emotions for me. I celebrate that I am so blessed to be a mom to my beautiful daughter Ruby.  I celebrate that I was raised by an amazing selfless and caring mother. She was always there for us, so sweet and loving. I wish I could be just like […]

November Book Recommendation

It’s still November for a few more days and that means that we are still celebrating #novembernationaladoptionawarenessmonth. Whoa that’s a big one!  This months book recommendation has a lot to do with adoption, but also marriage, family, God and really really hard times.  Mary Beth Chapman tells the story of how God grew their family […]

The Morgan Family 

As many of you know, October is miscarriage and infant loss awareness month. I asked my friend Heather is she would share her story with us. Heather’s son was diagnosed with trisomy 18 while in utero. She tells the story of loving her son, and making impossibly hard decisions along the way. I hope some […]

Ways to Support your Friends

A lot of us have not experienced miscarriage or infant loss, so we don’t know how to be there for those that have. Here are a few ways to support and love your friends who have or are dealing with this pain.  1. Acknowledge the loss Tell you friend that you are sorry for their […]

She Danced 

#Repost @mymisterandme with @repostapp・・・ I have someone’s story to share. This last week I was away for some photoshoots and my very last client asked me to share (anonymously) her story of hope. She did dance back in college and asked for an artistic shoot to help her capture her emotions. She has had 2 […]

Hannah’s Hope – April’s Book Recommendation

  Welcome to our Monthly Book Recommendation! We are going to share a book every month that we, or our readers found to be helpful on the journey of infertility, adoption, loss or parenting hardship. This Month for National Infertility Awareness Week we are recommending Hannah’s Hope by Jennifer Saake. Jennifer talks about her personal […]

Miscarriage – Toddia’s Story

I’d like to start this out by saying I wish someone would of warned me about the roller coaster I was about to jump on. The ups and downs of trying to conceive and then….miscarriage. The amount of disappointment one feels each month. The strain it has on your marriage and relationships with friends and […]

Miscarriage – Karen’s Story


I actually never really thought I wanted children. I’m not sure if that was me just being a selfish 20 something woman or if I just had never met the right person? When I met my now husband, and knowing how much he wanted a family it made me realize how much I wanted it, […]