October Book Recommendation

Well I’m getting this in just under the wire for October. I have been struggling with a book to recommend for this month because it is miscarriage and infant loss awareness month. I haven’t ever been pregnant and I haven’t experienced a miscarriage or an infant loss and I don’t want to pretend that I know of a book that might give you comfort or ease your pain. Whether you lost a child before they were born or after or further down the road, I’m sure you have so many questions.

So I am going to recommend a book that I believe has all the answers, well a lot of them, more answers than any other one resource on earth. There is no other book where you will find more strength, more comfort or more encouragement.

I have had my own different kinds of loss but I haven’t experienced the same losses as you have. But that’s the great thing about this book, no matter who you are, where you are coming from or how you are hurting this book will speak to you, It speaks uniquely to each of us.

It’s the number 1 best seller and the greatest story ever told, it’s the bible.

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