Love. Is. Hard. 

Today is about love. Celebrating how wonderful love is. 

Love lifts us up where we belong? 

All we need is love? 

…..And maybe some serious effort? 
Today I’m thinking of all my girls and their spouses out there struggling with infertility. I know how much pressure this battle puts on a relationship. Emotionally, sexually, financially. At times you can feel like your fight is with each other. Why doesn’t he feel the same as me? Aren’t we in this together? Or worse you feel like they are standing in your way of having your dreams come true, because maybe that night they don’t feel like having scheduled intercourse. 

Yes Love starts out as warm and fuzzy feelings, attraction and adoration. Then over time it developes into, still wonderful feelings but also very hard work. Love is an action word they say. Something that requires effort, perseverance and grace. He’s not perfect and neither am I. He screws up, I screw up, we exchange the gift of grace and repeat, x a million. 
I just want to remind you today, that wherever you are on your path of life, that these partners we have, they are our first dream come true. They are the ones that will be there before the baby comes home and long after they head to college. We are in this together as partners in battle, growing stronger all the way along. You will see things differently many times in life but I challenge you to see this as a strength. Learn from each other. Pick each other up. Build each other up. 
I’m so grateful for my husband. His support and love through our ongoing infertility and adoption journey. He’s not the man he was before it all began and I love him more now because of it. This experience will change you both, and as a good friend of mine said “your hearts will be a new shape” because of what you have gone through together. 

Happy Valentines Day 

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