What’s New in 2017

We are so grateful for this past year.  Hope for Waiting Arms started in the early spring of 2016. Through my own life experiencing infertility, my heart has really grown for other people who are suffering with the same thing. I have found there to be a huge lack of emotional support within the different avenues to create a family. Supports on the path to adoption are mostly for the birth parents. With fertility treatments, it’s mostly medical and little to no bedside manner. We hope to fill in some of those gaps, through this ministry. 

As we grow and move forward we will continue to try and improve our supports in all the right areas. Please let us know if you have any suggestions. I am excited to share with you what’s new and what’s in store for Hope for Waiting Arms this year!

Monthly Resource Reccomendation

Last year we shared monthly book recommendations, which was great! There are so many amazing books out there about adoption, infertility, dealing with loss etc. But because so much of our research and reading now comes from online platforms we have decided to change it to “Resource Recommendation”. There are so many amazing resources out there, blogs, websites, instagram accounts, community programs etc. 


Waiting Arms Support Group

Through building this online community and friends knowing my story, I have women approaching me looking to talk to someone who understands. We all need to be with people who understand us. Next month we are starting a Waiting Arms Support group. We will meet and have coffee and just be together with our people, who get it. Watch for our invitation coming soon! I plan to share our weekly topics and highlights with our online communtiy too. 


This is where we will share our personal stories and those of our contributors who are brave enough to be vulnerable and share with others. We so appreciate that, and would love to hear from you! No matter where you are in the journey, we would love to hear what’s on your heart. 


As much as there is an emotional side to dealing with infertility, there is also a practical side. Educating ourselves on the subject can only help us and others in the long run! So, we plan to share fertility foods, Statistics, information on all of the roads that infertility leads to like adoption, fertility treatment and loss. 


We hope these changes are good ones and that they will help us to support you better in 2017! As always we love feedback and input from our friends here at Hope for Waiting Arms. We always want to hear from you!

Contact us at mystory@hopeforwaitingarms.com

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