Are you a Strong woman? 

We hear it all the time, “be strong” when we are facing trials. But what does it mean? I wanted to share something from this months book recommendation. 

Lisa Chan is talks about a time that her and her husband Francis were visiting Ethiopia. She spent some time with the women in the poor villages and was impressed with how much these women had to do, just to get by every day with the basic necessities. 

She describes a strong woman and it so reminded me of all of you, who are facing trials and Perservering through hard times. Whether it be infertility, an adoption struggle, miscarriage and even parenting has its many challenges. 

One day as we were driving back from one of these villages, I saw the most amazing tree perched on a hill. It had a thick and sturdy trunk, with gorgeous full branches of a beautiful shade of green. I felt the Lord say, “That is what a strong woman looks like.” A strong woman has waited patiently while her roots grew down deep into the Word of God. Over time, she becomes unshakeable in her faith. She starts bearing fruit naturally and is full of life. People are attracted to her strength and growth, and many find rest and peace as they lean on her. And when storms and trials come, as they always do, they will not be able to take her down. A few branches may be lost or pruned away, but in their place comes new growth, new life.

This is what I long to be! A strong woman who is anchored in God’s promises.

But it starts by setting down your roots in God’s Word. It will not happen as you stand up for yourself, and demand attention, and fight for yourself. It will happen as you stand in Christ, and demand that He gets your attention, and fight for His glory.
The beautiful thing is that as we pursue this, God takes His rightful place in our lives. It says in Scripture, “The joy of the Lord is your strength” (Neh. 8:10)
Taken from “you and me forever” by Francis Chan & Lisa Chan 

Are you fighting too hard for yourself? Demanding attention? What would it mean if we started to fight for his glory in our lives and not our own? 

I hope that these words encourage you and strengthen you today. 

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