Ways to Support your Friends

A lot of us have not experienced miscarriage or infant loss, so we don’t know how to be there for those that have. Here are a few ways to support and love your friends who have or are dealing with this pain. 

1. Acknowledge the loss

Tell you friend that you are sorry for their loss. Ask if you can hug them and pray for them. And if they chose a name for their child, use the name. 

2. Don’t try to have the right thing to say. 

Most likely you won’t have the right thing to say so don’t try. Just be a listening ear. Tell your friend your always there to talk when they are ready. 

3. Hold off on Stories
Don’t try to cheer them up by telling stories of others. By telling them they will be fine in the future and may have a child some day doesn’t make the pain any less right now. 

4. Encourage supportive social media
Help share and spread the word that infertility and miscarriage is not something shameful to be kept quiet. Don’t tag you friends in posts. It’s their decision to share. 

If you have other thoughts and suggestions of how people can or have been there for you. Please comment below! 

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